The Wright Brothers or Gustav Whitehead?

gustavvswrightThe Wright Brothers or Gustav Whitehead?

Australian aviation historian John Brown claims to have photographic proof that German immigrant Gustav Whitehead flew over Connecticut  in 1901 making Orville and Wilbur second in flight.

Have you seen this story in the news lately?

Here are some links:

Wright or wrong? Smithsonian enters ‘first in flight’ fight

Wright brothers flew 2 years after Gustav Whitehead, researcher claims

“First in flight” honor moves from Kitty Hawk to … Bridgeport?

The Flight Claims of Gustav Whitehead from the Smithsonian Institute



One thought on “The Wright Brothers or Gustav Whitehead?

  1. This is an interesting question for all the history buffs, “Who are the first to fly?” Gustav Whitehead or Orville and Wilbur? Everyone would want to have their family name on an important part of history but I hope this new picture from Jim Brown settles it. My question woud be, “Is there a monetary reward for the families of the individuals that made history?”

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