About Me


Thanks for stopping by! I’ve been involved in distance education for over 14 years. I created this site to share interesting supplemental history information with my online students as a ‘study break’ from their online classes.

Most recently I’ve put together a list of all the sites I frequent for ideas when developing my online history courses. Hopefully other online and on-ground history educators will find a resource or two they didn’t previously know was available!

I love to travel and visiting anything related to the National Park Service makes me happy. I’ve traveled all over the United States (with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska), multiple Canadian provinces, and Cuba.

NPS Stamps 2

Just a few of our National Park Service regional passport stamps for the places we’ve visited!



6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, Thank you for a great website. I am trying to figure out where you got your images of the depression era. I am making a documentary film and I am in need of a few images. Can you let me know. Thank you very much! Sky

  2. Hello,

    I stumbled upon your Twitter site and had a few questions regarding history instruction and distance learning. I (relatively) recently received my masters in history from Marquette University and have been looking for ways back into teaching. If you could email me back Or inbox me in Twitter, if you have the time I would greatly appreciate it.


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