Annie Oakley and a company of fifty lady American sharpshooters

Annie Oakley and a company of fifty lady American sharpshooters

Letter to President William McKinley from Annie Oakley in which she offers the services of a company of fifty lady American sharpshooters who would provide their own arms and ammunition, to the government should war break out with Spain., (04/05/1898)

Click here to visit the document online at the National Archives and ZOOM IN even more for greater detail.


George Takei on a rueful journey back in time


If you grew up watching Star Trek (1966-1969), you’re familiar with the character of Hikaru Sulu on the USS Starship Enterprise. The role of Mr. Sulu was played by George Takei. It has been 40 years since Star Trek went off the air but he has since amassed a cult following online.

What you may not know about George Takei is in 1942 he and his family were moved to Rohwer Relocation Camp, a Japanese-American concentration camp in rural southeastern Arkansas. After spending eight months at Rohwer, his family was then moved to a maximum security camp in Tule Lake, California. It wasn’t until 1946, one year after WWII was over, that his family was released.

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George Takei on a rueful journey back in time

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Hell on Wheels and the transcontinental railroad


We’ve been watching Hell on Wheels since season 1. Now in it’s third season, we follow the building of the western segment of the transcontinental railroad.

Thanks to AMC you can check out Hell on Wheels Handbook – The Central Pacific Railroad and PBS for Workers of the Central Pacific Railroad

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Will women stay in industry after the war . . .

Will women stay in industry after the war . . .

Thanks to Rose the Riveter/WWII Home Front National Historical Park‘s
Facebook page, I found this little gem below.

“In late 1944, Kaiser Co. Inc. posed this question to Kaiser Shipyard employees in the company’s newsletter: “Will women stay in industry after the war or will they return to the home?”

Check out some of the interesting responses!”


Medal of Honor recipient SSgt. Ty Carter

Medal of Honor recipient SSgt. Ty Carter

As I looked up additional information about SSgt. Carter I found that we’re both the same age and from the same SgtCarterhome town of Spokane, Wa. Staff Sgt. Ty M. Carter, 33, will become the fifth living recipient of the Medal of Honor for actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“It’s for everybody in the unit who sacrificed and held their own, the soldiers that gave their lives for us to be here today. They and their families deserve it.”


Rare second Medal of Honor for fierce Afghan battle

Spokane soldier Staff Sgt. Ty Carter awarded the Medal of Honor

Did you know? There are Three Present Day Variations of the Medal Of Honor?