Ethel Roosevelt: TR’s Other Little Girl

I love learning about the Roosevelt families, both TR and FDR. Here’s a look into the life of TR’s second daughter, Ethel.

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All Theodore Roosevelt’s children had some of his qualities, but Ethel was more like her mother than any of them.

The Roosevelt Family of Sagamore Hill. Ethel, their second daughter, is at the far right.

Ethel Carow Roosevelt, The Second Daughter

Ethel Roosevelt (1891-1977) was seven years younger than her half-sister Alice, and surrounded by brothers: two older and two younger.

Chubby as a child, with little of the sparkle that enveloped her older sister, Ethel developed a take-charge attitude from her earliest age. “Bossy,” as her brothers remembered. Nevertheless, it would be Ethel that most of them would turn to for support, comfort and good sense.

Edith Roosevelt and her daughter Ethel. Ethel would be more like her mother than all her siblings.

She was, of course, a tomboy. She had little choice in the matter. All Roosevelt children were expected to run and climb and play hard. The…

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