Hungry for History. . .Spring Break Edition

As promised, I’ve uploaded some photos. They are nothing spectacular but can give you a peek into our spring break trip. You can find them here:

We left Columbus, GA and our first stop was spending the day in Mobile, Alabama. We visited the USS Alabama which served in WWII. We also toured through the USS Drum (SS-228) which is the oldest American WWII submarine in existence. Below are links for both of those vessels.

After the NCAA Championship game of UK vs. Kansas wrapped up and some of the fans finally left New Orleans we bravely ventured into the heart of New Orleans. We drove through the French Quarter/Burbon Street which proved to be quite. . .interesting.  🙂 There were oodles of beads dangling from trees and power lines all throughout the area from Mardi Gras back in early March. I really wanted to see Lafayette Cemetery ( but unfortunately for us the cemetery closed at 2:30 pm during the week. I will say that just looking through the closed gates that it’s not as big as Hollywood makes it out to be in the movies.

We toured the National World War II museum which is located smack in the middle of downtown New Orleans. It was kind of like a small campus of sorts with active expansion construction taking place across the street. I highly recommend it if you visit New Orleans but give yourself a couple of hours. Here’s the link: