Japanese Americans and the Military Intelligence Service in WWII

Japanese Americans and the Military Intelligence Service in WWII

I’ve enjoyed learning about the family history of one of faithful Twitter followers @kaname650 Over the last few months he has shared information about his Japanese-American parents which were incarcerated at two different Japanese-American Internment camps during World War II. His mother was at Heart Mountain in Wyoming and his father at Tule Lake in California.

IshidaLast month his father’s best friend, Shigeto ‘Dick’ Ishida (left), passed away at the age of 94. While @kaname650’s father and friends were interned, Dick served as a translator for the Military Intelligence Service during World War II. Like @kaname650’s father, Ishida was a “kibei”, born in the US and sent to Japan for education. His translation efforts for the U.S. during World War II earned him a Congressional Gold Medal in 2012, along with thousands of other Nisei (second-generation Japanese Americans) that served in the Military Intelligence Service (MIS).


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