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70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau

January 27, 1945

Voice of Auschwitz


CNN Interactive: Voices of Auschwitz


Holocaust survivors walk outside the gate of the of the Auschwitz Nazi death camp in Oswiecim, Poland, on Tuesday. Alik Keplicz/AP

  NPR presents Holocaust Survivors Mark 70th Anniversary Of Auschwitz’s Liberation

Monopoly turns 80!



Did you know that Monopoly turns 80 this year? We have 2 versions of Monopoly in our house, the traditional one and National Parks Edition. We love to play it and my 11 year old is pretty good at wheeling-and-dealing with her property.

Here’s 25 Little-Known Facts About Monopoly, 80 Years Later from ABCNews.com


Spirit of St. Louis touches down for restoration/preservation

In the news: Smithsonian Offers Close Look at Spirit of St. Louis Plane

Additional reading: From Smithsonian Magazine (Nov. 2013)- The Spirit of St. Louis’ Amazing Journey

Enjoy classic movies? The Spirit of St. Louis (1957) starring James “Jimmy” Stewart is a great family flick that captures the adventure and story of Lindbergh’s historic flight.

Charles Lindbergh: Information about Charles Lindbergh-An American Aviator

A Twitter connection with a history related freebie!


Every so often I connect with a person or organization on Facebook that turns out to be pretty interesting and worthy of following and sharing. My latest connection is Xiomáro (SEE-oh-MAH-ro) and you can find him on Twitter at @XiomaroPhoto. He’s currently the 2012-15 Visiting Artist at Weir Farm National Historic Site. Once I found out he was involved in the National Parks System, I figured he’d be worth checking out.

Xio is offering a F R E E photo eBook of his artistic photographs that document the estate, personal artifacts, history, and the burial grounds of the slaves of the William Floyd Estate in Mastic Beach, Long Island, which is part of the National Park Service.

I downloaded my free copy of the eBook and finally had a chance to sit down and review it this evening. Interested? Visit http://xiomaro.com/ for your companion eBook to his photo essay featured in Aspect Ratio Magazine.