Today’s Document from the National Archives

Executive Order 10924, Establishment and Administration of the Peace Corps in the Department of State, March 1, 1961; General Records of the United States Government; Record Group 11; National Archives.

Executive Order 10924, Establishment and Administration of the Peace Corps in the Department of State, March 1, 1961; General Records of the United States Government; Record Group 11; National Archives.

Today’s Document from the National Archives

Document for Today, September 22nd:
Executive Order 10924: Establishment of the Peace Corps

Listen to JFK’s Statement Upon Signing Order Establishing the Peace Corps

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Historic Great Lakes Shipwreck Discovered


(Photos | Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society)

From Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society NEW DISCOVERY: Tragic shipwreck of the schooner Nelson discovered off Lake Superior’s South Shore

From Story behind newly found shipwreck is especially tragic

A bit of Winston Churchill comes to town

A bit of Winston Churchill comes to town

I found the following story thanks our local news, WTVM W.C Bradley Co. Museum hosts The Pursuit of Painting Exhibition and then just-so-happened to be down at the W.C. Bradley for a meeting a few days later.

If you’re in the Columbus, Georgia area and have a chance to stop by the W.C. Bradley Museum (directions) make sure you do before September 16th!


In the summer of 1922, Clementine Churchill took her husband and five children, one of whom, Diana, is shown here, on holiday to Frinton-on-Sea in Essex, England. Churchill had only begun painting in 1915 following the disastrous Battle of Gallipoli, which had led to Churchill’s forced resignation as First Lord of the Admiralty and subsequent political alienation. It was in part through painting, he said, that he was able to regain the confidence to rebuild his role in government. This year proved particularly critical for Churchill’s painting career. Not only did he purchase Chartwell, his long-term residence and site of his primary painting studio, but he also both gained the mentorship of fellow artists Edward Marsh and Charles Montag and garnered acclaim for his publication in late 1912 of the article “Painting as a Pastime.” “An Avenue at Frinton-on-Sea” evidences the bright palette, loose brushwork, and clear horizon line that would characterize many of his paintings over the years.


The Art of Diplomacy: Winston Churchill and the Pursuit of Painting On Display through September 16th, 2014





 Where is the exhibit headed next?

Columbus WC Bradley Museum September 4 – September 16, 2014
Macon Hay House Museum September 19 – September 26, 2014
Atlanta Millennium Gate Museum October 3, 2014 – February 1, 2015
Rome Martha Berry Museum February 13 – March 15, 2015
Athens University of Georgia March 18, 2015 – April 19, 2015
Savannah Telfair Museum April 22, 2015 -July 26, 2015


The Roosevelts: An Intimate History & Conversation with Ken Burns

RooseveltsSundaySept14The Roosevelts: An Intimate History

Airs September 14, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. Check local listingsClick here to learn more about the film

Got a question about The Roosevelts? Here’s your chance .  . .

On Tuesday, September 16 from 1-2 pm EDT, join Burns and a panel of experts in a webcast conversation with high school students about the legacy of the Roosevelts. The panel, moderated by the Smithsonian’s Christopher Wilson, and featuring historians Clay Jenkinson and Geoffrey Ward and Smithsonian curator Harry Rubenstein, will discuss the influence of the Roosevelts on the office of the presidency and Eleanor Roosevelt’s work to promote civil and human rights. The panel will take questions from the online audience.

Register here for this event.

Snapshots from Historical St. Augustine, FL


Snapshots from Historical St. Augustine, FL

What’s so great about St. Augustine, Florida? St. Augustine is the oldest city in the U.S., founded in 1565. This year marks St. Augustine’s 449th birthday.

Ponce de Leon discovered Florida in 1513. . .King Phillip II of Spain learned that the French were poking around on the Spanish lands in the New World. Phillip II sent Pedro Menendez de Aviles to Florida with orders to remove the French and establish a Spanish post on the coast and here’s how it all went down.

Written History, Interactive Timeline, Virtual Tour, Historical Books, Historical Maps, Black History

Some photos from our Labor Day Weekend in St. Augustine, Florida.

St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum (1871)   and @firstlighthouse

Castillo de San Marcos – The oldest masonry fort in North America  and @CastilloNPS

For Labor Day from the National Women’s History Museum. . .

For Labor Day from the National Women’s History Museum. . .

For #LaborDay, we’re recognizing labor activist and organizer Mary Harris Jones – more commonly known as “Mother Jones.” After two catastrophic losses—first, of her husband & children to yellow fever and then of her home & dressmaking business in the Great Chicago Fire—Jones joined the Knights of Labor. Jones was a fearless leader and talented orator. She was enormously successful in organizing mine workers and their families around the turn of the 20th century, which earned her the label, “the most dangerous woman in America.”

Mary Harris Jones – more commonly known as “Mother Jones

Mary Harris Jones – more commonly known as “Mother Jones