End Black History Month : Philadelphia’s Innovative Black History Requirement

 Did the title grab your attention? Check out the clip below to find out more.

The entire program will air on PBS on February 16, 2012.

Philadelphia’s Innovative Black History Requirement

Duration: (4:59)
Premiere Date: 02/16/2012
Episode Expires: Never
TV Rating: TV-PG

Program: Independent Lens

Episode: Philadelphia’s Innovative Black History Requirement

In 2005, the Philadelphia public school district became the first in the country to establish a mandatory African American history graduation requirement. Now, students spend an entire year looking at the African American experience.

• Visit the Philadelphia’s Innovative Black History Requirement webpage


Four years before Pearl Harbor. . .U.S. vs. Japan


Four years before Pearl Harbor, the United States and Japan were involved in an incident that could have led to war between the two nations. On December 12, 1937, the American navy gunboat Panay was bombed and sunk by Japanese aircraft. A flat-bottomed craft built in Shanghai specifically for river duty, USS Panay served as part of the U.S. Navy’s Yangtze Patrol in the Asiatic Fleet, which was responsible for patrolling the Yangtze River to protect American lives and property.