President’s Day in Plains, GA


Our family took a day trip to Plains, GA for President’s Day 2013. Why on earth would we want to go to a tiny peanut farming town with a whopping population of 780 residents on our day off? Plains is home of the 39th President of the United States, Jimmy Carter and a National Historic Site bearing his name.

The Jimmy Carter NHS hosted both Dr. Laurence Cook and President Teddy Roosevelt. Dr. Cook presented his lecture entitled Amazing Presidential Facts, Coincidences and Unique Relationships. Prior to Dr. Cook’s presentation we had the pleasure of meeting President Theodore Roosevelt.  When he took to the stage, his 40 minutes up there made you feel as though you were listening to the real T.R. Reprised by Joe Wiegand it is easy to see why he is considered one of the best in the country. He does a fantastic job and I highly recommend that you catch his performance if his tour comes to a town near you.

The press release from the National Park Service puts it best. . .

“Joe Wiegand is regarded by many as the nation’s premiere Theodore Roosevelt reprisor. He brings T.R. to life with an unparalleled grasp of history and an uncanny way of quickly convincing the audience that they are in the company of Theodore Roosevelt. As Theodore Roosevelt, Wiegand shares stories from a lifetime of service and adventure, ranging from cowboy excitement in the Dakotas to the charge of the cavalry up the heights of Santiago de Cuba. The audience can join T.R. on an African safari and an exploration of Amazon River jungles and hear tales of building the Panama Canal, a modern Navy and a vibrant conservation movement.”


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