A Plague Upon Us . . .Got Virus?

Computer bugs have a history. . .

1962 NASA destroys Mariner 1 over the Atlantic Ocean after a software bug steers the rocket off course.

1985-87 A software bug in the Therac-25 medical accelerator delivers lethal doses of radiation to 6 cancer patients.

1986 The first PC virus, “Brain,” is launched.

1990 The “Melissa” virus, spread through e-mail, causes $80 million in damages worldwide.

2000 The “I Love You” virus causes $15 billion in damages.

IN 2009:

  • 25 million new strains of malware are identified – the most in a single year – bringing the total of known threats to 40 million.
  • 50% of U.S. computers are infected.
  • $100 million is spent by the Pentagon to fix 6 months’ worth of malware problems.


Source: American History magazine, February 2011


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