Brigadier General Henry Lewis Benning



 I was killing time yesterday and decided to cruise through one of Columbus’ oldest cemeteries. What’s amazing is how much history can be found in one solitary place. Columbus is home to Fort Benning which is the U.S. Army Maneuver Center of Excellence.

Brigadier General Henry Lewis Benning

Born in Columbia County, Georgia, on April 2, 1814, Henry L. Benning attended Franklin College prior to practicing law in Columbus. As a local attorney and state Supreme Court Judge, Benning played an active role in Georgia’s secession in 1861. Entering the Civil War as a Colonel of the 17th Georgia Infantry Regiment, he eventually became a brigadier general. He was wounded at the Battle of the Wilderness but continued his leadership of “Benning’s Brigade” until the surrender at Appomattox. After the war, Benning returned to Columbus and resumed his law practice. he died on July 10, 1875. Fort Benning is named in his honor.


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